2. Part 3, with cliffhanger.

  3. #guyfieri rebirth Part 3.

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    The Milky Way Over Sand Beach

    Image Credit: Nate Levesque

    (Source: astronomy.com)

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    Indigenous American population as a percentage by county

    (Source: gallupchurchofchrist.com)

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    Hamster President tackles the tough questions.

    everyone on this website is high

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    You’ll see on my résumé, I have caught the mailman.

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  10. An old control unit from a performance theatre. In the basement of a house in Cranston. Owners say it was here when they moved in.

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    Baseball World Series Wins by Country

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    Komala, the 8 week old baby Greater One Horned Rhino, the first to be born at Chester Zoo in its 80 year history, takes her first steps outside  Picture: PA

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    Can a Headband Really Help You Take Control of Your Dreams?

    A new device claims to give cues when a person enters REM sleep

    The concept of lucid dreaming—knowing you’re dreaming while it’s happening, and in some cases, being able to control it—has always struck me as the ultimate stretch goal, like learning to write Chinese or having one last growth spurt. These things aren’t ever going to happen, and neither is a scenario in which I would be able to control how I behave in my dreams.

    See, I’m one of those people who remembers dreams about as often as my dog brushes his teeth. So it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever get to the point where I can will myself to move faster than the zombies that, from time to time, show up in my sleep. 

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    Venus with as much water as on the Earth

    Source: ahstat (flickr)